This Regime is inactive because Chance is no longer President

The Chance Regime was a group of people who are appointed by chance to rule the nation. It was simaler to an administration in the United States of America. The head of the regime was Chance and the second in command was Riley.


There were 9 members of the CR and they made up all government positions other then the representitive position.


Members of the Executive branch that were apointed by the Leader.

Note: All will leave the office when the leader changes.


Board of AvisorsEdit

  • Secretary Emmett - Head of Media and Comunications
  • Secretary Alexander - Head of Armed Forces
  • Secretary Logan - Head of National Security
  • Secretary Connor - Head of Citizenship and Trade
  • Secretary Liam - Head of Internal Affairs and Funds
  • Vice President Riley - Head of International Affairs

Note: Vice President sits on the Board of Advisors as Head of International Affairs.


  • Judge Jack - Head of Justice

Note: Judge Jack will stay on the court after the regime leaves office