President Chance is the current head of state and military of the Republic of Kozuc.

Micronational HistoryEdit

Chance was the first Overlord of the United Provinces Under Chance and then after there reform he became the Chairman. As Chairman he controled the military during two of our wars and he controled the nation. He did not make any proclomations while chairman but he did write the laws. After the fall of the UPUC he was elected as King of the Kingdom of Zurdonia and was the Father of the nation. Then when the Republic of Kozuc was founded he was elected as the President but do to his lack of activity the government made him Prime Minister.


We chose Chance as our leader because he is very smart, good at tactical planning, strong and brave. Chance will fight for our nation of the front line if needed and he has trained in fighting. He is the strongest person in the country and he has a black belt in 2 martial arts. He trains with both guns and close combat wepons and he makes good decisions for the better of the country. His father owns a hunting club in Alabama so he has been around weapons all of his life.


Chance is very intersted in Martial Arts and fighting. He has a black belt in two martial arts and has taken judo. He can use all sorts of weapons and is a very skilled marksmen. Chance is in the military and wll deploy to save his nation. Chance lives in Alabama so he is away from all operations in California. Chance leads the nation with his own knowledge of the world and not from advise from others. Chance was loved by all citizens in the Kingdom of Zurdonia but at the same time he is feared. Chance is also a good sword fighter.

Political PartyEdit

Nationalist Party