People's Republic of Kozuc
RoK flag
For the homeland
Tunac Tunac Tun
Official language English
Capital Pacific Grove
Date founded September 29th 2010
Number of citizens 12
Number of active citizens 10
Government Semi-Presidential Democratic Executive System
Current leader Prime Minister Chance (State)

President Liam (Government)

National animal Hawk

The Republic of Kozuk was founded on September 29th 2010. The micronation is in the Central Coast of California and is very much influenced by the Californian Culture. The Republic of Kozuc was created as the third ro'an of Chance. Ro'an is a word made up by Vice President Riley and it means an empire that has changed over time but is controlled by the same person or dynasty.


A republic is a form of government that is democratic and originated in Rome. The word Kozuc was originally going to stand for Kingdom of Zurdonia Under Chance because those were two micronations that were controlled by Chance. Then the word evolved to be its own word for the newly created micronation. The Kozucian people adopted the word as its own.


The Economy of the Republic of Kozuc is not well balanced in imports and exports. The republic imports most of its needs including food, water, electricity and gass from the United States of America. The income of an average member of the micronation is very high to American Standards because mst members are of the upper classes in the USA. The taxes for the micronation are very low being around 8 dollors a year for lower class members and 12 for the upper class members. The current state budget is around 60 US dollors,


Citizens: 12

  • Active:10


  • 11-13: 5 citizens
  • 14-16: 7 citizens


  • Female: 0 citizens
  • Male: 12 citizens

Language: English

  • Literacy: 100%

Government & PoliticsEdit

Total Government Position: 9

The government system of the Republic of Kozuc is a form of a republic called a Semi Presidential Democratic Executive System. To break it down word for word it is a democracy because the leader is elected by the people for the people and it is executive because the only branch of government is the executive branch which makes all laws and decisions. The Semi-Presidential system is because the head of state is the prime minister but the head of government is the president. There is a minor branch called the judicial branch that’s only job is to enforce the executive branch.

Political PartiesEdit

There are two political parties in the Republic of Kozuk. The political parties are not that "big of a deal" as some would say because during elections it is less about the party you are in and more about how good of a leader you would be. The two political parties are the only parties in the Republic of Kozuk. They are not actually that different other then some of there views on smaller issues that do not really effect the Republic of Kozuc.

Nationalist PartyEdit

The Nationalist party is the conservitive party of the Republic of Kozuc. This is the minority paarty but is the leading party because Prime Minister Chance and President Liam is a member of the party. There are 3 memebers of the party.

Workers PartyEdit

The Workers Party is the more liberal party in the Republic of Kozuc. The party is the majority party of the Republic but is not in power. The highest ranking member in the Vice President Riley but many members of the Chance Regime are in the workers party even though chance is not a member. There are 9 members of the party.

Law and OrderEdit

The Judicial system evolves only one court system, the Supreme Court, with one judge. The judge has is both the judge and jury and he is in charge of all punishments and verdicts. The President can pardon anyone from there crimes if he/she has a reason. The court system is under the judicial branch of the Republic of Kozuc Government, the only other branch in the micronation.

Foreign RelationsEdit

The Republic of Kozuc is a member of the World Micronations Alliance and the first ro'an of Chance, the United Provinces Under Chance, was the fourth micronation ever to join the WMA and is one of the few original members still in the organization. The Republic of Kozuc wishes to keep the allies of the Kingdom of Zurdonia even if they have changed a lot.


The Head of the Military is Prime Minister Chance. There is only one brach of the military and that is the army. There are twelve members of the army, two reserve and ten deployable. There are three squades, one reserve and two deployable squades that are used in combat. The head of the armed forces is the Secretary of Defence. Next in line is the national security adviser who is incharge of intelegance organizations in the republic. There are two ways the army fights. One is on Xbox 360 and the other is with airsoft guns.

Geography & ClimateEdit

The climate in each state is very different. In the capital it is usually full of fog and cold but in the inland states such as Carmalla it is hot. In the middle state, Montey,
there is pretty good climate. There are 4 states in the Republic of Kozuc. Each state is not one house like before in the Kingdom of Zurdonia or the United Provinces Under Chance but it is a whole area that are full of multiple houses. The five states are:

  • Carmalla (2)
  • Pacific Grove (5)
  • Montey (3)
  • Nocali (2)

Note: (#) is the citizen count of that state


The two territories have no populations at all and are only there for stratigic reasons. The territories are both in the Pacific Grove State. The territories are controled by the federal government like the states but do not have any population. A territory usually is used by the Military and is sometimes a battle ground for airsoft wars. All territories have the same rules as the states they are in.


The culture is almost the same as California and the United States of America. Surfing and the ocean is a big part of the culture. Sports are also important and are taken very seriously in the Republic of Kozuc. In the Republic of Kozuc there is not such thing as bad words or swearing. No words are outlawed because we belive in free speech. Also loyalty is very important in the Republic of Kozuc. Capitalism is part of the culture and the government provides a lot to there citizens but there still is private property.

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