Vice President Riley is friends President Chance and was apointed to the position of Vice President. He is head of international affairs. He is friends with all members of the Republic of Kozuk. Also he is the most active member of the Republic of Kozuc and is in charge of much of the micronation like designing the government and writting the constitution.

Micronational HistoryEdit

Premier Riley was the Second citizen to join the UPUC. He was given the position of Secretary General and Secretary of International Affairs in the UPUC. He was second in command of the UPUC and has the User:Rsmall1413. After the fall of the UPUC he was voted in as a very similar position, Premier . He was incharge of International Affairs and was the head of recruitment of the World Micronations Alliance and is also a court justice in the WMA international court of justice. He is also a writter for the political section of the independent micronational. Riley was also a temporary head of the Kingdom of Lowsia and he was a General in the UPUC armed forces. Also he was head of the UPUC Ranger police and was the designer of all the UPUC Department flags. Riley also was a temporary Central Knowledge Agenice agent in the UPUC and was head of the Zurdonian Security Agency. Then in the Republic of Kozuc he was appointed by President Chance as Vice President.


Riley is interested in politics and government. Also he is a good Golfer and Lacrosse player. He has recently joined the soccor team for his school and is learning to play defender. Riley is good at math, history and science but is a poor speller in english. Riley speakes Russian and is learning spanish. He is currrently blocked on Microwiki.

Political ParyEdit

Workers Party